The Only Web Marketing Consultancy Where YOU Choose How Much Profit You Want

New Agency Not Only Lets Clients Set the Fees But Also Guarantees Every One A Profit!

Dear Business Owner,

Half the business owners we surveyed recently have made no measurable profit from their online marketing! You may be one of them.

I think it's criminal for web designers and agencies to charge the high fees they do without giving every client a real return on investment.

For clients, the web design market is broken!

So I'm changing it…

Say Goodbye To Flushing Money Away…
And Hello To Guaranteed Profits!

Here's how my consulting team and I will solve your online marketing headaches!

How We're Changing the Rules

The web has left its teenage years, and it's time for it to grow up and be accountable!

I have been creating websites professionally since 1994, and I have spent most of that time in research to crack the code behind making websites work better.

My explorations have taken me through branding and positioning, graphic design, usability, conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, copywriting, the psychology of persuasion…

I've also published hundreds of blog posts, the world's most comprehensive web design course, and three ground-breaking marketing books.

Finally, in the first months of 2013, I developed a complete system — “Ultimate Web Design” — which combines all my methods in one elegant model for making websites make money, time and time again.

Introducing the Pro Web Design Alliance

The Pro Web Design Alliance is my team of elite consultants. We're different from anyone else for three important reasons!

Marketing has never been as fast, cheap, or as transparent as it is today. Yet, most businesses just keep blindly paying fees without knowing if they'll ever see their money again in increased profits.

Not Any More!

If you choose us to help market your business better online, you'll get the advantage of a mature marketing system that's designed to show you clear profits from the very start.

You may have already gone down the traditional path… hired a marketing person with a few years' experience, their own strengths, and their own weaknesses…

But did you know that - for the same price or LESS - you can now hire fourteen consultants with about 100 years of combined experience covering every critical area of marketing.

Meet Your New Marketing Team

Consultant Specialist Areas
Ben Web marketing strategy, persuasion, conversion optimisation
Bera Business strategy
Brian Content strategy, SEO
Derek Conversion optimisation, copywriting
Doreen Software architecture & development
Doug Marketing strategy, SEO
Jonathan WordPress & Genesis development
Jordan Site architecture, copywriting, local SEO
Kurien Video production & marketing, SEO, e-commerce consulting
Rob Google AdWords consulting
Sarah Graphic design, copywriting
Simon Pre/post production, project management, operations management, metrics management, people management
Tammy Copywriting, marketing
Todd Customer relationship management

Fourteen Professional Web Consultants,
With All The Skills You Need - For The Price Of One!

The truth is, today, you may not need an SEO specialist, or a conversion consultant, or a pay-per-click guru…

Sure, those skills and techniques may be helpful (and, as you can see, we do them all!) — but they're only effective when the right techniques are used at the right time!

What's far more important is to be able to put together a strategy that will start making you money as soon as possible, reliably and predictably, and will keep those profits building!

To achieve that, you need a marketing consultant who can see the big picture. That's just one of the things we'll give you!

How It Works

It's really quite simple. We've got online marketing refined to the point that we can guarantee to make you a profit on your investment — whatever that investment may be.

If you want to invest $1000 per month, we'll generate over $1000 per month in additional profits. You put in $10,000, we'll give you over $10,000 in new profits!

Of course, that isn't likely to be in month one, but down the line, you can demand to see a positive return!

Don't you think you deserve to see measurable profits
from your online marketing?

Yes! So do we!

We're Your New Online Marketing Department

We can develop, manage, and even implement your entire online strategy.

We think this is the best and most convenient online marketing consulting service you'll ever find.

Here's why…

Completely Flexible

This arrangement is completely flexible. You simply set the monthly fee that works for you, and we'll use all our experience and skills to deliver significantly higher returns. (In fact, we aim to generate additional profits for you of no less than three times your investment.)

We also aim to be the most responsive team you could wish for. That's why you'll get direct email and Skype access to every consultant on your team. (Plus, with consultants in the USA, UK, and Australia, we can work 24 hours a day if you need us to.)

There's no health insurance to pay, no expense account, and no redundancy if things don't work out…

Just a group of the most highly skilled web marketers
who want to boost your growth!

What's The Catch?

There must be a catch, right?

Of course!

The catch is, we're a small team, and we don't want to take on too many clients. Because we only want to do fantastic work for a select few, they have to be GREAT clients!

It doesn't matter if you're a big company, or a tiny startup… if you're here to make the world a better place with your fantastic products or services… if you're innovative, ambitious, bold, positive, and fun, we'd love to help you.

If this sounds like what you've been waiting for, simply drop me an email (, tell me:

…and I promise you'll get a swift response.

Act Now!

I am only looking for a handful of GREAT clients for whom our team can deliver marketing transformation!

If you think you're one of them, put me to the test. Get in touch today.

Remember, there's nothing to lose… and everything to gain!

Best regards,

© 2013 Ben Hunt Limited