Ben Hunt's Pro Web Design Course

I have put together the Ultimate
Package to Help You Reach
Your Full Potential in Web Design

How much of this is familiar..?

I would like to solve your problems

Your coach, Ben Hunt

I have been making websites professionally since 1994. I have run multiple agency teams, and worked for clients of every size – from tiny startups to Government departments.

Believe me — I've probably made every mistake in the book. But the important thing is, I've learned from them!

I have invested the past two years creating the ultimate training course in professional web design. Now, I'm dedicating myself to helping working web designers to succeed in this excellent profession!

Let me tell you about my
NEW Professional group program…

I designed this program with a single purpose in mind…
To help you make more money, more easily.

Incredible Value

What this all means, of course, is that now you will have
the professional support team you need, available when you need us.

What would all that be worth to you?

At a typical hourly rate of $50, every half day you spend on research or bug-hunting could cost you $200 in lost earnings, in addition to all the frustration, wasted energy, and risk of disappointing your client.

I'm promising to use all the resources I have not only to help you avoid those expenses, but also to help you get more work that pays better, and work more efficiently too.

That's just JUST $297 per month!
For all the benefits mentioned above!

Access to the foundation course (value $97/month)…
NEW “Ultimate Web Design” content (value $299)…
Professional support (invaluable!)…
Weekly videoconferences (value $12,800/month at my consulting rates)…
Website Review videos (value $99)…
All the bonuses and work opportunities (priceless!)

“This Course Changed My Life”

Hear the story of Jordan, PROFESSIONAL member since August 2011, who now runs his own successful web design agency.


Any Questions?

If you still have any questions at all about the course, please just email me direct.