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In Protection of the Jewish Individuals and the State of Israel

As Christians, now we have to face firmly and solidly behind the
Jewish folks and their state of Israel. While you put the entire
verses collectively on the unique covenant God the Father made
with their first forefather, Abraham, I imagine that this
authentic covenant continues to be in full pressure and full impact to this
very day.

Although the Jewish folks managed to interrupt their finish of the
discount by all of their rebellious and adulterous conduct
in the direction of the Lord throughout a lot of the Outdated Testomony, and managed
to get themselves dispersed to the 4 corners of the world as
punishment and judgment for this type of unacceptable conduct
in the direction of Him in 70 AD, God nonetheless intends on maintaining His facet of
the discount.

The covenant God made with Abraham was an eternal and
everlasting covenant, and nothing that the Jewish folks would finish
up doing in opposition to Him, regardless of how unhealthy, was going to finish up
canceling, revoking, rescinding or breaking this covenant with

The Jewish folks misplaced momentary possession of the land of
Israel on account of this dispersion, however as a result of God made this
authentic covenant with Abraham on a everlasting and eternal
foundation, God will keep true to His Phrase and He’ll nonetheless preserve to
His facet of the discount.


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