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PowerPoint Viewer – Copy Protect, Control Use and Monetize Content

Daily, companies lose control of vital PPT documents and weaken their competitive advantage. Particularly at risk are:


  • Training and consulting companies whose key intellectual assets are in PowerPoint®.


  • Company management delivering sensitive business presentations to investors.


  • Brokers, financial/legal advisers with a high duty of care to protect client information.


Copyright alone does not provide sufficient protection. In consulting, it is common for associates to take, use and modify the work of others for their own purpose. SoftShield(TM) Protection System prevents this by blocking all editing and copying, including screen shots, printing, ‘save as’ and piracy software etc. So you can provide your consultants in the field, for example, with your most robust training/consulting materials or sensitive data, without the danger of them reselling those materials, or even copying source text/images and sharing it.

For regulatory compliance, firms now must show they have ‘taken reasonable steps’ to prevent others from changing the content of PowerPoint documents, especially in the Pharmaceutical, Insurance or Financial Services industries. Using a robust software solution like SoftShield(TM) is one way to demonstrate to others that such care has been taken. Look for the following capabilities from your document protection solution:

– Preventing all copy, editing and print functions, including piracy software;

– Providing trainers with familiar PowerPoint functions and controls;

– Allow admin staff to update/change users’ viewing rights remotely;

– Apply different business models: demos, pay-per-view, try-before-buy and document leasing;

– Change the business model effortlessly by emailing users a simple file attachment.

How it works?

PowerPoint® files are converted to a Secure PPT format using a conversion tool. The new file plays on a Secure PowerPoint® Viewer that is built into the file itself. This means that users simply click on a file to open it. The Secure PPT plays like a normal slideshow with all the controls trainers are familiar with, e.g. slide animation, notes, PowerPoint backgrounds and PowerPoint templates etc google slides templates.

All editing and copying is blocked, including screen shots, printing, ‘save as’, including piracy software that captures screen content. So you can distribute your most robust or sensitive material with confidence; and it will play on any windows enabled computer.

When the Secure PPT is created the option exists to ensure that the Secure PPT will only open when the correct hardware Key (dongle) is plugged into the computer’s USB port. This key allows you to control viewing rights remotely (by expiry date or number of views). The ability to control viewing rights remotely creates vast potential for reaching new markets, licensing and collecting revenue effortlessly. Companies gain a huge advantage over their competitors that do not protect or secure revenue from their intellectual assets.

Secure PPTs are easily distributed by email, CD or download. From an end user’s perspective, the folder containing the secure presentation is simply copied to the consultants’ laptop or clients’ system. After a simple one-time setup, the material plays like a normal PPT, though if required, a SoftShield(TM) Key with valid use rights must be present. We provide backup keys incase the main key is lost.

When an end user seeks additional viewing rights, they can simply download a file from the vendor’s website or make a request to admin staff. The viewing rights update is sent as a file attachment which the user clicks on and applies. This means that extending viewing rights or changing ‘terms of use’ can be done quickly and at minimal cost.

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